Saturday, 14 March 2015

Origins Face Products Review

Ever since high school I have struggled with acne. I used to be very insecure about it to the point where it interfered with my interactions with other people, but I've learned to accept and love myself in spite of it. No product or medication has ever worked and believe me I've tried everything. I'm always on the lookout for high quality face products and when shopping at Sephora one day, I decided to try Origins Face cleanser, toner, moisturizer and mask. I should mention that I picked these specific items out myself and did not ask a salesperson for assistance. 

I started using these products on January 8, 2015 and it is now March 14, 2015. So it's been roughly two months and I am almost close to finishing each of the products mentioned above. If you'd like to see some of my thoughts on this line of products please continue reading. 

Origins Creamy Cleanser: First I have to say that this product is very luxurious and rich. The scent has a subtle hint of mint and smells so refreshing. It wakes you up in the morning, and calms you before bed. 

One important note is that you only need a small amount, maybe a dime size, because it gets very foamy and a little bit goes a long way. 

The product is very natural feeling, which I like. You don't really feel like you're putting chemicals on your face and the cleanser, like it says, is creamy and moisturizing. 

Cleansing power: It removes makeup somewhat well but I did notice hints of my foundation on the cotton pad after using the toner. 

Origins United State Balancing Tonic: This was also very lightly, yet pleasantly, scented. Initially my skin seemed to have an immediate reaction and turned red when I first applied the toner. The redness went away within a few seconds and did not happen when applying it thereafter. I really liked the way it took off any of the residual makeup, blush, and foundation that was leftover after cleansing. 

Clear Improvement Active charcoal mask to clear pores: As with most masks, this was very tight on the skin once it dried. There was no noticeable scent and it seemed to be effective at getting rid of pimples as soon as they started. I don't usually notice a change in my skin simply after treating it with a mask. On the other hand I'm not much of a "mask" person so I might have noticed more of a change if I used the mask consistently. 

Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant moisturizer with White Tea: Again, my skin seemed to have an immediate reaction and turned red when I first applied the moisturizer. However, this redness disappeared within 10 seconds and did not occur again on second application. I noticed the scent most heavily with this moisturizer, but it is a really nice subtle scent. I have to say that this feels very moisturizing and nourishing to the skin - almost like food for your skin. It leaves a slight greasy feeling on your face but I did not notice any extra oiliness throughout the day. 

In conclusion: I would definitely recommend these products but did not really notice much of a change in the condition of my acne. I realize that I was just trying the general cleanser and probably not one that was targeted towards treating acne - but no product has really helped my acne anyway. There was a patch of dry skin on my left cheek near my ear, but it was a really cold and dry winter and I might have missed that spot when I was moisturizing. Would I repurchase these items? I feel like there are other products that are very similar to this line and cost less. 

However, if you want to splurge and treat yourself every once in a while I would definitely recommend this and think I may repurchase it in the future.

Please feel free to comment if you have products you'd like me to review in the future. Have a great day!

Saturday, 6 December 2014

A comprehensive list of every Christmas movie I own

This blog post is dedicated to Natasha, the nicest person I know, for always supporting me and encouraging me to write more. Here you go Natasha... This one's for you!


I love watching movies. Who doesn't? And maybe it's just the film student in me, but I also love sharing movies. I like to learn about what other people like, especially when it comes to Christmas films. So here's a comprehensive list of every Christmas movie I could find in my house today. And please feel free to share your Holiday movies with me by commenting on this post, or using the hashtag #ChelseyXmas on Facebook and Twitter. 

Click on each title to watch a trailer for the film:

MGM Holiday Collection:

TCM Greatest Classic Films Holiday Collection

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Product Review: Impress Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails (With Pictures)

It was New Years Eve and I was looking for a way to "party up" my nails when I came across Impress Press-On Manicure nails at my local drug store. I tried them out, and here is my honest review:

On the box, it says these nails will:
• Last up to a week
• Come with 24 nails for easy fit
• Won't damage nails
• And that they're easily removable

Retailed at around $9.99 CAD

I never use fake nails, so this was an experiment for me.

The process:
1. First you must prep your nails. The kit comes with a buffer and a cleansing wipe to make sure your nails are clean. I buffed my nails, then used the cleansing wipe to clean them.

2. It was really easy to find the right size for each of my nails, and it was extremely simple to apply. All you do is peel of the backing, and stick the press-on nail on top of your real nail.

3. I pressed fairly hard with each of my nails and held down for about 20 seconds on each nail.

4. The nails looked really good once they were on. I then waited 30 minutes for the nails to set in place before filing them to my preferred length, as indicated on the instructions. This part seemed a little strange to me and I felt that the nails loosened up while I filed them down.

Now, this is totally my fault, but I should have put my nails on after getting ready instead of before. I took a shower about 3 hours after applying the nails, and while I did not wash my hair, one of the nails fell off during the shower. I waited 10 minutes after the shower and pressed it on again. While it seemed to stay on, it then fell off again while I was out for New Years Eve.

Overall Impression:
I find the price was fairly reasonable and the quality was good. However, as promised on the box, I found it very hard to believe that these nails would last up to a week. Perhaps if you apply them before going to sleep so they have a longer time to set in place, this might work, but with the amount of typing and chores I do around the house, I am skeptical about the nails lasting longer than 3 days.

It was extremely easy to find the right size for my nails. I did not have a problem with sizing.

As for not damaging your nails, that is completely true. There was no damage to my nails after I removed the false ones. The only thing is, they were really painful to remove and I tried both methods for removing them (which is 1. Peeling them off carefully, and 2. Using nail polish remover to loosen the edges).

Overall, I really liked them and would definitely consider re-purchasing them in the future. I liked how natural they looked in the sense that it looked like I had a professional gel manicure done.

I would give this product a rating of 8 out of 10, and would recommend them to a friend, family member, and even buy them again for a special event.

Here are the pictures:

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Best Christmas Movies to watch on American Netflix Only

I have a confession... I am a huge sucker for made-for-tv movies. Please don't judge me! 

I honestly don't know what it is about them that makes me feel so good. I don't know if it's the low budget lighting, awkward editing and cuts between takes, or the script that sounds so cheesy, you'd swear it was written on a cheddar block... but for some reason or other, I can't get enough. Especially at Christmastime. 

I invite you to join me on my journey as we go deeper into the heart of Christmas. These films take it pretty far and are for the true Christmas-lovers only. So grab a candy cane, a cup of hot chocolate and let's get watching! 

1. Christmas Cupid (2010)
First on our list is Christmas Cupid, a movie about "a workaholic publicist [who is] haunted by a newly deceased client who pressures her to reform and reunite with a former flame to find love by Christmas" (Netflix, 2013). This was the very first made-for-tv christmas movie that I watched on Netflix and I thought it was SO cute and adorable and you will love it. 

To watch the trailer, click here

(Hint: You may be able to watch the full movie on YouTube because I saw it on there when I was browsing if you don't have American Netflix)

2. Holiday in Handcuffs (2007)
Starring Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez (aka Sabrina the teenage witch and A.C. Slater) this movie starts out a little slow and more than a little creepy when Hart kidnaps Lopez and forces him to be her fake boyfriend. But it is redeemed in the end, with a very touching and special connection made between the two '90s stars. In the end I really found myself smiling and ended up loving this holiday film. 

To watch the trailer, click here

3. 12 Dates of Christmas (2011)
I love, love, love (love, love, love) this movie. The Netflix description says, "Set up on a blind date with handsome Miles on Christmas Eve, Kate gets 12 chances to relive the date over and over again until she sets things right" (2013). And I know what you're probably thinking: "That's gotta be so annoying with her living the same day over again... 12 times!" But you'd be wrong. The way they do it is so cute, and hilarious that you actually can't wait for her to start the next day and see what she does. Perfect holiday film!

Watch the trailer here

Watch the full movie here

4. Desperately Seeking Santa (2011)
"After devising a 'sexy Santa' contest to increase Christmas sales, young marketing guru Jennifer winds up falling for the winner, a local hero" (Netflix, 2013). This movie is cute. Most of these Christmas films seem to deal with women who've become stuck up, or too involved in their work, therefore not having time to date, and then realizing they've been missing out on the perfect man. They're pretty much all the same, but this movie has a really cute leading man, who's super sweet and charming. 

That's it for my list of made-for-tv Christmas movies. If there's a made-for-tv Christmas movie that you love and I didn't include on this list please let me know because I would love to watch it. Thanks for reading and have yourself a merry little Christmas 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas Movies to Spark your Holiday Spirit

My second favourite part of Christmastime (besides the music, of course!) are the movies! There is honestly nothing better than snuggling up with your loved ones under a warm fuzzy blanket, drinking hot chocolate and watching your favourite Christmas movies. There just isn't. Okay. So, here we go with another list of my all time best Christmas films for your enjoyment. 

Again, the top 5 are my absolute favourites. The movies following the top 5 are in no particular order, and are all totally awesome films you should watch as well. 

1. The Holiday(2006)
Starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Jack Black, this film is almost on repeat in my house during the holiday season. For some reason or other, I can never get sick of it. I know it didn't get great reviews or whatever, but if you watch it without looking for the flaws, you might find yourself to be thoroughly entertained. 

Watch the trailer here

2. The Santa Clause (1994) 

This is one of those films that I grew up watching (I was 4 years old when it was released in theatres) and it's probably one of the best Christmas movies of all time. It's so cute and so christmassy and I have to watch it at least once every holiday season. 

Watch the trailer here.

3. Home Alone (1990)
One word: Classic. Another film that doesn't get old, and one the entire family can enjoy. Get the hot chocolate a-brewin' and the fleece blankets ready. You cannot go wrong with this fun family feature. 

Watch the trailer here

4. It's A Wonderful Life (1946)
When choosing Christmas movies we can't forget the oldies. As a huge Jimmy (or James) Stewart fan, I'm in love with him in this movie. Also, just my personal opinion, but it's important to show the youngsters of today a film that came out more than 30 years ago. Watch it, and watch it in black and white. The colour version is sadly not the same. 

Watch the trailer here

5. White Christmas (1954)
The songs in this film are phenomenal. The classic train scene in which Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney sing the beloved song, "Snow," is unforgettable, and the film itself is moving. It's no wonder why this film has stood the test of time, and is still a favourite among families today. 

Watch the trailer here

6. The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)
I never watched The Muppets growing up, so I was extremely skeptical when I first watched this surprisingly great film. I had always found other versions of the Charles Dickens' Classic, A Christmas Carol to be... well... rather boring. But this film surprised me. It may be made for children, but I think adults of any age can enjoy this clever twist on a beloved story.

Watch the trailer here

7. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966) 
"You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch." Probably everybody living in North America knows the words to this Christmas classic. There's nothing to say except that Dr. Seuss is a genius and this cartoon is not to be forgotten during the holiday season. 

Watch a clip here.

8. A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)
As a huge fan of the Peanuts, this movie is absolute perfection. Charlie, Snoopy and the gang are at their best in this holiday classic. A must watch and listen. 

Along with How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Frosty the Snowman, this film is usually shown multiple times on television specials throughout the month of December. 

Watch the trailer here

9. It Happened on Fifth Avenue (1947)
This film snuck up on me, as I had never heard anybody talk about it before. I watched it, fell in love with it, and now I can't live without it during Christmastime. The ending is just heartwarming and captures the Christmas spirit (I daresay) better than any film on this list. 

Watch a clip here

10. Miracle on 34th Street (1947)
Santa is real people! This movie proves it. I've always believed. Never stop believing. 

Watch the trailer here

11. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)
I just watched this movie again last night and I laughed harder than any of the previous times. There's so many small quips that Jim Carrey makes, you tend to miss them, but each time you re-watch it, it becomes funnier and funnier. I thoroughly enjoy this modern take on a Christmas classic and so should you!

Watch the trailer here.

12. A Christmas Story (1983)
To be quite honest with you, I never liked this movie. UNTIL I had appendicitis last December and couldn't really do much besides lay on the couch watching movies. I decided to watch it again and thought to myself, "What was I thinking? Not only is this movie hilarious and charming, it's actually pretty darn good." So if you're like me and didn't really like this movie when you were younger, give it another try and see how you feel about it now. 

Watch the trailer here

13. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989)
Another film that I watched during "The Great Appendicitis Battle of 2012" and fell in love with. Hilarity ensues when this family gets together for the holidays. Chevy Chase is the epitome of comedic timing and you will laugh your pants off watching this Christmas Classic. 

Watch the trailer here.

14. Elf (2003)
I will admit I'm not a huge fan of Will Ferrell, so I didn't see this movie in theatres or even have any interest in it whatsoever. I had no choice but to watch it when someone gave it to me for Christmas and it actually turned out to be a pretty good movie and captured the essence of the season very nicely. Fun film for all the family to enjoy. 

Watch the trailer here.

15. Four Christmases (2008)
This movie is bad... in the best way possible. I must say I do enjoy a terrible movie every now and then, and this is one of them. I get made fun of a lot for being a film student, and then liking terrible movies like this, but sometimes you just gotta throw away that critics hat and enjoy something for what it is. I like Reese Witherspoon and I tolerate Vince Vaughn in this laughable Christmas comedy. 

Watch the trailer here

16. Frosty the Snowman (1969)
Ahhhh Frosty. Another children's classic. I haven't seen this one in a while but I do remember it fondly. Watch this and watch the song accompanying it get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. You're welcome. 

Watch the movie here

17. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (1964)
Fun for the whole family and another film with a catchy theme song. The stop-motion animation gives this movie a retro feeling. A heart-warming tale that teaches children they shouldn't judge by appearances and roots for the underdog. Way to go Rudolph!

Watch the trailer here

18. Holiday Inn (1942)
This movie is sort of a mish mash of all the holidays, but focuses on Christmas a little more than most. Apparently the film White Christmas was actually a remake of Holiday Inn. Both star Bing Crosby and both are equally enjoyable. (The one thing I really do not like about this movie is the small scene in which they use blackface. The times were different back then, but it makes me feel awkward when watching it.)

Watch the trailer here

19. Last Holiday (2006)
Starring Queen Latifah, this movie is bittersweet as she spends her last few weeks alive, living her life as she never has before. Latifah finds out she has a terminal illness and decides to blow all her money on a vacation before she "kicks the bucket." It's a very enjoyable film and the supporting cast is great. 

Watch the trailer here

20. Jingle All the Way (1996)
If you're a '90s kid, there's a pretty good chance you know this movie backwards and forwards. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. Schwarzenegger gets himself into the most hilarious of situations trying to get his son a toy for Christmas that is sold out everywhere. Another great film for the entire family to enjoy.

Watch the trailer here

That's it for my Christmas movie recommendations. Let me know what your favourite Christmas movie or if I missed an important film to put on this list. And remember to keep that Christmas spirit alive! Ho Ho Ho.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

2013 Christmas List

I'm making this list* public simply to give you some ideas if you're having a hard time thinking of what you want for Christmas, to give you ideas of what to buy others for Christmas, and to make it easier for my family and/or friends to shop for me (I know how difficult it can be to find presents for people, so let's get started).

* Ordered from least expensive item/gift to most expensive.

Disclaimer: By no means do I expect to receive, nor do I care to receive all of the items on this list. I made this list for people to get gift ideas for themselves, or for what to buy others who fit my demographic. 

Loose Leaf Tea (Or regular tea/coffee)
Price: $17.50 - $27.50

If you are, or if you know, a tea connoisseur like myself, you can never go wrong with loose leaf tea as a Christmas gift. Now personally, I do not drink anything with caffeine in it, so only caffeine free herbal teas for me please. (Some of my favourites are peppermint, chamomile, bengal spice, and rooibos teas). The best store to buy loose leaf teas from is definitely David's Tea. You can order online as well, and I truly think this will make the perfect Christmas present for anyone, but especially for tea lovers. 

- Love in the Afternoon (Audrey Hepburn)
- We're the Millers (Jason Sudekis) 

Price: $15.00 - $30.00

Books are the perfect gift! I absolutely love receiving books as gifts and hope to one day have a library in my house.

Books I Would Like for Christmas:

Rice Cooker/Steamer
Price: $27.95 - $79.95

"You know you're a grown up when... You ask for cookware for Christmas." Wahhh. But anyway, I don't really eat rice regularly right now, but I swear I would if I had a rice cooker like this one. If I'm not mistaken you can put the rice in at night and set a timer and have it ready for you in the morning when you wake up. How cool is that! 

Crock Pot/Slow Cooker
Price: $45.00 - $60.00

So many healthy recipes call for the use of a crock pot, and I don't have one. I'm surprised they're not more expensive, but I can't wait to start using it to make healthy Chili and soup recipes :) 

Fleece Sweater
Price: $59.95

This is the perfect gift for those outdoorsy types. This fleece pullover will keep you or your friends warm during those chilly winter nights (if you live in a cold region). I've already got one, but the lady at the Eddie Bauer store said she got one for all of her friends and family last Christmas and it was a huge hit!!!  

iPhone Accessories 

If you know what type of phone your friend has, it's always fun to get them cases or accessories for that phone. For instance, this Michael Kors iPhone Wristlet is beautiful and would be a great gift to get or receive. Other ideas for phone accessories are dashboard holders, external speakers, etc. 

Apple TV
Price: $109.00

This is an amazing device. I use it mostly to watch Netflix, but there's also radio stations, you can buy or rent movies from the Apple Store, and do so much more with this itty bitty package of convenience.

Bedding/New Comforter 
Price: $100.00 - $300.00

Who doesn't love to get a new comforter or sheet set? Sometimes they can get really pricey but if you search around or wait for them to go on sale, you can actually find some really awesome bedding. So comfy and cozy, this gift will leave the recipient feeling like they're sleeping on cloud 9. 

Professional Blender  
Price: $454.95 - $579.00

Ouch. I know this is a pricey item, but honestly a good blender goes a long, looooooongg way. If you know a friend or family member who is into health, a high quality blender is essential. I've been using a cheap (crappy) blender to blend my smoothies and it's just not working out so great. That's why I would love to receive a Blendtec blender or Vitamix Blender for Christmas this year. 

There's also the more affordable option, the Ninja Ultima blender which is comparable to a Vitamix. The only thing that concerns me is that there is lead used in the production of this machine, and it is not entirely clear as to whether or not the lead comes in contact with your food. 

Thanks for reading and let me know what you're asking from Santa for Christmas!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

What is a bully?

What is a bully?

1. a person who uses strength or influence to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.

1. use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force them to do something.

I'm sure everyone has come across a bully at least once in their lives. I really do not deal with bullies well. You could actually say I have a zero tolerance policy. Something about someone trying to intimidate, oppress or dictate how I live my life really bothers me, right down to the very core of who I am (perhaps a trickled down side effect of colonization? But that's a different blog post).

The very first bully I ever encountered was in kindergarten… To protect the (not so) innocent, let's call her Rachel. Everyday I would go to school and Rachel would pull my hair and force me to do things I didn't want to do (like go into the bathroom alone with her, or play games I didn't want to play). I told my mom that Rachel kept making me do stuff and would always pull my hair or hurt me if I didn't do exactly what she said. My mom, being the great person that she is, decided the first step would be for me to try to avoid her.

So I did. But it was kindergarten and kind of difficult to avoid someone in such a small classroom. So the next step that my mother took was to alert the teacher to the situation. The teacher told the class that bullying was wrong and that we should keep our hands to ourselves without addressing Rachel and myself directly. That would have been great if it had worked, and the bullying had stopped there, but it didn't.

Rachel continued to harm me by pulling my hair and forcing me to do things I didn't want to do. I told my mom that Rachel still wouldn't stop, and finally she told me this:

"The only way you can get Rachel to stop bullying you and pulling your hair for good, is by pulling hers back even harder than she's ever pulled yours before."

What!!! I was shocked. Did my mom really give me permission to pull another girl's hair at school?

Yes. She did. And it was the greatest piece of advice I think she's ever given me.

So I went back to school. The next day our class was in the gym and Rachel was wearing a long, beautiful braid down her back. Rachel told me to do something and I said no.

"What did you say?" She asked.

"No." I replied.

"Do it!" She said.

"NO." I said firmly.

So Rachel pulled my hair and told me to do it again... There it was... My chance. I looked around the room making sure the teacher wasn't watching… wound up… and pulled on Rachel's braid as hard as I possibly could (for a 6 year old girl). In fact, I pulled her hair so hard that Rachel actually fell to the ground.

She cried, and I can't remember if I got in trouble or not, but I'm sure it was worth it because Rachel never bothered me again from that day on. In fact we became pretty close friends until she moved away. I have no idea where or what she's up to now.

But I learned an important lesson that day. Bullies are actually cowards. They don't like themselves or who they are, or maybe they are bullied at home by parents, so they try to control other people's lives. But if you stand up to a bully and show them they shouldn't mess with you, typically you will gain their respect and the bullying will cease.

So here's my advice to you, should you ever encounter a bully in the near future.

Step 1. Avoid the bully if possible. Never resort to bullying back right away, or else you become one yourself.

Step 2. If avoidance is out of the question, or if they just don't leave you alone, tell someone. If you're younger tell your parents, or if you're an adult like me, talk to the bully directly and tell them you don't like the way they're treating you.

Step 3. If Step 1 and Step 2 haven't helped in any way, you may finally have to give the bully a taste of their own medicine.

And if that doesn't work… you're screwed! (lol)

I'm really curious to know how you deal with bullies. If you haven any advice please leave it. I'd also love to hear your bully story.

Thanks for reading, and go show those bullies who's boss!